Hong Kong diary: (4) singing in the rain, in the bars and in the street

photo(2) In the fourth and final part of his Hong Kong Diary, Paul Goldsmith peers  back through the miasma of alcohol and working girls to bring us up to date on the adventures of a Sunderland fan in that perfumed harbour which is Hong Kong.

First of all, I’d like to apologise for the delay in this final instalment, but as you can imagine it’s been fairly hectic and difficult to get on-line. Once again, the night before the match became a drunken haze. Tom, Lynne, Robbie and Carl decided, by all accounts, that during the day they would go and see the impressive big Buddha situated just outside town, leaving me to my own devices.

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Salut! Sunderland’s Hong Kong diary: (2) the buildup to SAFC v Spurs in pictures

Here is day two
of Paul Goldsmith’s account of his Hong Kong odyssey. See the first, exceptionally well-received instalment here: https://safc.blog/2013/07/salut-sunderlands-hong-kong-diary-where-are-the-tottenham-and-man-city-fans/.

As we await kickoff against Spurs later this morning, today’s report is restricted mainly to another attempt at a photo gallery. This may may well prove a greater challenge than Monsieur Salut’s website skills can handle.

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