Salut! Podcast: Newcastle face Sunderland and more Di Canio


Football in, politics out. Or is it? Paolo showed his communist side this week after suggestions were made that the players were being made to do everything together, writes Gareth Barker.

For us however, we are firmly focused on the football during this weeks podcast, as most of you will be delighted to hear and it’s part of the build up to the big one – The Tyne Wear Derby.

“The derby, is the derby, it still counts for three points, not six points. But it counts in terms of dignity, honour and pride for 2,000 games” said Paolo Di Canio this week. It feels like 2,000 games since we last won one of these encounters. Can PDC inspire us to a far too rare victory over ‘them up the road’?

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Salut! Podcast: talking Paulo Di Canio, Chelsea and… sort of, Swindon

Jake: 'superhuman effort all round please, Lads.'
Jake: ‘superhuman effort all round please, Lads.’

The new podcast: Listen here:


An agenda is written every week prior to the recording of the Salut! Sunderland podcast, writes Stephen Goldsmith. It’s not a rigid structure, just something to keep the podcast on track and make it sound like it has some sort of direction to it.

There have been a few problems in acquiring the desired guests since the podcast’s launch around five weeks ago.

Considering the infancy of the project, having former players, football journalists and fanzine editors get involved makes it all feel worthwhile. We set the standards high in that aspect and are happy with the early results; next season could see things elevated even further given the chance.

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