A late Swansea view: ‘Gardner entirely blameless, McClean fouled, Saha milked it’

Last season, Peter Thomas‘s comprehensive match report was reproduced here after SAFC beat his team, Swansea City, 2-0 at the SoL. After his excellent answers in the pre-Liberty Stadium ‘Who are You?’ interview, it seemed fitting to offer, belatedly, his thoughts on how the game went. All that follows is his, from his own blog, a long read but one giving an interesting yet fair counterbalance to views of the game from a Sunderland perspective …

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Do they mean us? A fine Swansea report of the game

From the Facebook page of Jim White, who did the 'Who are You?' honours

If you have come here expecting to see Pete Sixsmith’s report, you will have to be patient. That will appear tomorrow. First, let’s hear from another Pete – Peter Thomas, Swansea supporter and writer of the estimable Pierre91 in a Day blog. This is how he saw it; a fair, greatly detailed analysis from a Swansea perspective …

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