The Swansea Who Are You?: ‘just let us stay up’

The Sumbler family celebrates at Wembley

For a time, I worried it wasn’t going to come. There is no greater stress, I said, than the “Who Are You?” series. Then, in the nick of time, Phil Sumbler*, chairman of the Swans Trust ( – a remarkable example of supporter involvement in a football club – and leading light at the fan site, came back with a grand set of answers to Salut! Sunderland‘s questions ahead of a match of vital importance to both teams. And second thoughts on that stress: it’s only the second biggest source, after Steve Bruce’s team selections …

Salut! Sunderland:
Thumped at Manchester City but not as heavily as we went down there last season. What did you make of the start?

That was welcome to the Premier League for sure. Manchester City need no introduction as a quality side and in the end that quality shone through on the pitch and of course was reflected in the scoreline. However, like many of the travelling Jacks at the game there was enough for us to be positive about and we have to take that positivity into the coming games.

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