Salut Podcast: Epsiode 31 – Put Vergini In A Bottle

podcastWho’s feeling confident then? The game at Anfield was one I actually feared beforehand. It’s been a while since I’ve actually feared that the opposition were so far ahead of us that the scoreline was destined to be ridiculously high one, writes Stephen Goldsmith.

Then, around mid afternoon, rumours filtered through that Gus was planning on mixing it up a little. There’s a piece in The Journal today by Mark Douglas suggesting that Gus needs to stop tinkering with team selections and formations. There’s a good point in there, but I’d argue that this particular change was entirely necessary. Furthermore, it added the first glimmer of excitement in relation to actually watching the game. Opposing manager Brendan Rodgers has tinkered and tweaked formations until something has successfully stuck, and unlike the very good Douglas, I don’t sense it’s all panic motivated. Poyet has constantly said that things would click yet the performance at Norwich appeared to expose his hopes as blind optimism. The starting eleven that were turned over at Carrow Road were also the same guys who rampaged to a 3-0 win at St James’.

Personnel does change too much in the middle of the park, of course, and that’s something we regularly discuss on the podcast. I call it the “revolving door” scenario. That isn’t unique to this manager though and the players’ ineptitude and inability to perform consistently is the primary reason for this.

We speak about all this kinda stuff with Richard Mason from the Northern Echo and assistant editor of A Love Supreme , Chris Thompson – look out for their upcoming 25 year anniversary special. We also chat to Nigel Kahn about the upcoming West Ham game. 0-0/0-1 anyone? He hates Allardyce, does Nigel. After the former Sunderland defender’s comments and gestures at the end of the Hull game it’s hardly surprising if that’s a fair reflection of his behaviour there.

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Salut! Sunderland Podcast: Episode 25.


Well Gus himself adhered to the fact that the Hull game was a write off writes Stephen Goldsmith. So when the Man City game was called off, we didn’t exactly have much to analyse on the game front.

We still tried, of course, the call of duty and all that. There were some interesting points of interest in that game I suppose. Liam Bridcutt, Santiago Vergini. Erm, the sending off and Poyet’s subsequent tactics. Tom Lynn who you all know very well joined us in the studio to go through all this stuff, as did Craig Clark who blogs over at Roker Report. Any time any of the Salut! lot wanna swing by then it would be welcomed with open arms.

As this is about the millionth time we’ve played Southampton this season, there was at least some difference in that the bloke we spoke to in helping us review the game was someone else. Sam Dobson filled in for the evergreen Ben Stanfield in this instance. There’s not really a lot we can say on Saints to be honest, we kinda know all about them. We get marginally excited about the probable appearance of Nacho Scocco on Saturday. I really hope people who moan about not getting a Wembley ticket get themselves down to check him out.

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Unfazed by England vs Montenegro? Catch the Salut! Sunderland podcast instead

Jake longs for a podcast where guests discuss a Premier League win
Jake longs for a podcast where guests discuss a Premier League win

Right, we all – or most of us –
probably hope for a decent result in the World Cup England vs Montenegro qualifier. In case this helps encourage interest, Jimmy Montgomery, Colin Todd and Kevin Phillips are likely to start – or so it said in Monsieur Salut’s dreams.

Equally, as lot of us – in common with most intervieweees in the Who are You? feature with fans of other teams – are emphatically club before country.

For those who either care little for international breaks – apart from welcoming a weekend without fear of a Sunderland defeat and praying our players return in one piece – or want something to do while waiting for the Wembley kickoff, here’s the perfect solution.

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The Salut! Sunderland Podcast: the Fulham one that nearly got away

Mea culpa, penitent stool, abject apologies … guess what we clean forgot to post last week?

Our much-feted podcast duo, Stephen Goldsmith and Gareth Barker, meant to send Monsieur Salut the file but didn’t. M Salut, weighed down by work and domestic duty, neglected to chase them.

What’s the point, you may well now ask, of carefully bolting the stable door long after the horse has had time not only to bolt but to live out its life and end up in someone’s pure beef lasagne?

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