Winning ways, winning prices, winning with Gyan

We’ve all seen Cashamoah €yan’s protestations that his move from the English Premier League to the United Arab Emirates was not about money. Come up with the best non-financial explanation, buy something from the Salut! Sunderland shop – even it’s only a £2 pen! – and we will dip into the merchandise to add some suitable prize. Was the lure Al Ain Zoo (I’ve been there; not bad) or maybe the spectacular views from the summit of Jebel Hafeet (ditto)? A footballing reason we’ve all missed? Editor’s decision final blah, blah. Meanwhile, some good news on the prices front …

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Just wait until Sunderland actually win a game, I thought. That’ll be the moment to exploit the feel-good factor and sneakily put up the prices of Salut! Sunderland‘s merchandise.

Instead the prices are coming down.

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Bags, mugs, pens, T-shirts … Salut! Sunderland goes all sheepish

Maybe unless you work in a market, it’s a British thing to feel uncomfortable about asking anyone for money, even in return for legitimate goods or services.

Ads on sites like these can be a pain. I try to be careful about content and positioning and would remove anything that seemed – on readers’ verifiable experiences – dodgy. But ads are necessary if, to be blunt, the site can be kept going with anything like the level of commitment it currently gets. Same goes for the bits and pieces we’re now asking you to consider buying, if they appeal to you. The Salut! Sunderland Shop’s moral high ground is reached by making them all Sunderland-related, and the shop is reached by clicking here

Courtesy of Rob Hutchison, a Sunderland-supporting voice of reason on these pages and elsewhere, what you see above is the first Salut! Sunderland mug known to have been put to its intended purpose.

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Sunderland supporters only: make mugs of us

The Classic Salut! Sunderland Mug I

At long last, the Salut! Sunderland Shop is open at the page you find by clicking here for UK orders or here for overseas orders.

Just about open, I should have said. It may be the only shop in the world with only two products, but it has to start somewhere.

It has been a slow and laborious process but from today, we are offering – as a trial intended to lead to the addition of further products – what we will call the Classic Salut! Sunderland Mugs I and II, chunky red and white tea or coffee mugs using a design conjured up by our old friend, the Charlton-supporting graphics wizard Addick-tedKevin under the guidance of M Salut. The introductory price is £11, and there are discounts for buying two or four.

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