What you think about Sunderland vs Southend (updated)

Jake: ‘time for a Will Grigg hat trick?’

Well, I asked
and you’ve started to answer, says Monsieur Salut.

Because our Comments section is still inaccessible after recent technical nightmares, I suggested posting your scoreline predictions at Salut! Sunderland’s Facebook group but also invited comments on the bigger Sunderland picture.

Since your comments can still be seen behind the scenes if you attempt to post them in the normal way, they can be copied and pasted to a new article such as this.

Phil Davison, a Mackem exile in Mexico, set the ball rolling, starting with his SAFC-Southend prediction. Other comments will be added as they arrive and/or appear at the Facebook group.

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From Rotherham to Wycombe Wanderers via Shrewsbury Town, Southend United and Tranmere Rovers: our third financial ramble

Here are the last five of the clubs in League One apart from Blackpool, Bolton, Bury and Sunderland, who will arrive presently, by which I mean when I get round to it.

As ever, visiting fans are welcome to post comments, corrections, updates and their thoughts on their and other clubs’ prospects for the season.

For earlier posts in this series try these links:

Clubs beginning A-L: Rambling through Accrington, Coventry and Ipswich to Lincoln. How do Sunderland’s rivals shape up financially?

Clubs from M (MK Dons) to R (Rochdale): From MK Dons to Rochdale via Oxford, Peterborough and Portsmouth: it’s a short financial ramble

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Wrinkly Pete and some thoughts before Southend

Peter Lynn, aka Wrinkly Pete

Some of us expect to win just because we are one of the most successful English clubs of all time. Some of us forget too easily that we haven’t been successful for a long time. Some of us should know better.

Pete Lynn, aka Wrinkly Pete, does. “Can you put this up before Southend?” he asked, so we did.
Would that everything SAFC related was as easy

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Aye, Aye, Aye Aye, Sky Blues prefer us to the Ricoh

John McCormick writes:  if you want to know the origin of the headline you’ll have to read on to the middle of this piece, where Malcolm, our esteemed deputy editor, has reworked a version of the old Fulwell End favourite “Monty is better than Yashin” following a recent barrage of voting from the Sky Blue bit of the West Midlands.

I have to say I found that barrage a bit strange. After all, when a blog adopts a title which includes the phrase “dodgy numbers”, and then ends with a disclaimer which states “the arithmetic’s correct, it’s just the rest could be a bit wonky” it’s best not to take it too seriously.

And when it says “unless new voter(s) decide to cast vote(s) for only one team and to throw rationality to the winds – and why not, it’s what football’s all about”, which is what I wrote in my last post, you might get some idea that we welcome other clubs’ fans and enjoy hearing from them.

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