Is lack of inspiring transfer activity a real concern?

From Jake's Revolution series
From Jake’s Revolution series

The older you get, the less bothered you are if a dozen top-class signings haven’t been made by the second week of Wimbledon. Jack Butler, a new guest contributor*, helpfully fills in some of the detail of news on which Salut! Sunderland has so far had little to say: the arrival of, or reported deals for, relatively unknown names. And Jack sees reason for concern that others among the Premier League non-elite gave been more active as buyers …

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Sunderland: having it both ways on transfers

Monsieur Salut

Football clubs are notoriously sluggish when it comes to saying anything reliable about transfer news. Sometimes there is good reason for the reticence; often enough it’s just an extension of the culture of secrecy they love to develop.

Sunderland are no worse than others in this regard, and probably better than most.

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