Voice of America: the club you support

Jake flies the flag for Robert Simmons

Monsieur Salut’s very lenient ground rules for deciding whether it is OK to support this or that club – see http://safc.blog/2012/08/chelsea-manchester-united-sunderland-the-rights-and-wrongs-of-choosing-your-club/ – have sparked lively debate. Robert Simmons, from the US of A, rose to the bait and responded in the form of a personal letter. This is all entirely light-hearted (Robbie is, in fact, mightily welcome here) and here he proposes some additional rules …

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Chelsea, Manchester United, Sunderland: the rights and wrongs of choosing your club

Another Tony Roffe/Jake collaboration: but do you need to be born in its shadow to support SAFC?

The thoughts of Robert Simmons, our Voice of America, and the fellow-American supporters who made themselves known after his most recent article, prompted this raid of the Salut! Sunderland archives for a piece, now slightly updated, describing Monsieur Salut’s True Supporter Test …

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