Bally’s Backchat: pleasing performance against The Posh

Malcolm Dawson writes: We have become used to our various managers’ post match e-mails focusing on the positives in defeat. After a weekend of turmoil caretaker boss Kevin Ball takes care to emphasise the positives in victory and in stark contrast to his recently departed predecessor, picks out one or two individuals for special praise. Of course when Ellis Short invites the men in charge to clear their desks he insists that M Salut’s personal e-mail address is left in a prominent position so that he doesn’t miss out on the immediate post match reaction. Here’s what Bally had to say after a professional display that may have lacked the drama of the previous round but one which sees us safely in the draw for the next …

Jake's own three-word verdict: 'Ooh, Bally, Bally'
Jake’s own three-word verdict: ‘Ooh, Bally, Bally’

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