Sunderland vs West Ham Guess the Score: needing to play for pride

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Monsieur Salut introduces another prize edition of Guess the Score as Sunderland face West Ham and the world asks whether they can actually score …

Our latest defeats brought – sorry, will bring once I get round to it – prizes for Eric Bowers and Chris Boyle, both past winners.

Chris will receive a mini-edition of the Nick Barnes Matchbook, which means the publishes will pay £5 into the Bradley Lowery fund while Eric has chosen a Salut! Sunderland mug, the fiver for the same cause therefore to be paid by us.

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The £5.53m joke: tell Crystal Palace, West Ham £40m couldn’t buy Defoe

***         Jake: ‘Jermain, you’re a star’         ***

Like most people, I have no idea what Jermain Defoe’s contract says about his right to leave Sunderland in the event of this or that bid being made.

Like most people, I know that Slaven Bilic rates him as highly as we do and knows his movement and his goals make him an unusually gifted striker. And our old pal Big Sam would apparently love to get him down to the backwaters of south London.

And like all Sunderland supporters, I believe that if Defoe shows the slightest hint of being tempted to join either club, or anyone else, Ellis Short should throw whatever it takes – money, the freedom of Sunderland if he has the ear of someone at the council, even David Moyes’s famed £30,000 watch – to keep him.

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SAFC’s promising response as West Ham site toasts victory in ripoff lines campaign

Jake: reason to be cheerful
Jake: reason to be cheerful

Sunderland AFC has effectively confirmed to Salut! Sunderland that it is considering the possibility of scrapping the Premier Rate phone numbers, otherwise known as ripoff lines, that hit fans in the pocket when they call the SoL – without producing significant income for the club.

That, at least, is my interpretation – a fair one, I think – of the club’s response to questions I posed earlier this week.

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Hutch’s one word player ratings following West Ham slip up

Rob Hutchison thought this display was much better than last week’s dismal showing at Stoke but the net result is the same – nul points. After an hour of decent play, a few seconds of switch off in the 94th minute let the Hammers drive another nail in the Sunderland coffin. As Rob says ‘same old, same old’ …

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Sixer’s Sevens: West Ham 1-0 Sunderland. When are offside players interfering?

Jake: 'FFS'
Jake: ‘FFS’

Monsieur Salut writes: I had another good stream, poor Pete Sixsmith was there as usual. We came back from an abysmal start, had the best chance of the game Khazri) and then lost in the dying seconds. Reid’s shot was from a long way out but two West Ham players were standing in offside positions ahead of Jordan Pickford. Interfering? Looked like it in one case. Nitpicking? Maybe – and I certainly think referee Bobby Madley had an outstanding game. Another defeat but, like Sixer, whose customary seven-word verdict you see below, I feel we deserved a point …


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Sixer’s West Ham lowdown. Any seconders for Defoe as future SAFC chairman?

Sixer: 'will we still be a Premier League side when ice cream season comes round again?'
Sixer: ‘will we still be a Premier League side when ice cream season comes round again?’

What a busy lad Pete Sixsmith is. Not content with his paper round, Father Christmas duties (planning starts tonight) and gracing the pages of Salut! Sunderland, The Observer and ESPN, he finds time to answer questions for fan sites such as Claret and Hugh, friendly Hammers folk who have helped us out, too. Here’s what Pete made of their questions …

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Sixer Says: when I nearly became a West Ham supporter

Guess the Score - whoever you support - and maybe win a prize mug:
Guess the Score – whoever you support – and maybe win a prize mug:

Over at Salut! Sunderland’s Facebook pages, Jim Minton posted a message saying how much he liked the Who are You? interview with David Blackmore, editor of the West Ham fan site Blowing Bubbles.

‘He seems pretty sensible and I agree with most of what he says,’ Jim wrote, ‘Don’t know yet whether many West Ham fans have picked up that lots of other supporters now dislike them a bit more than they used to – which is a shame because I’ve always thought of them as a proper club with good fans.’

Jim’s point, and the occasion of Sunderland’s first visit to the little-loved London Stadium, seemed a good excuse to hark back six years to a piece by Pete Sixsmith, prior to a game at Upton Park …

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West Ham Who are You?: ‘SAFC doomed, Hammers must solve stadium issues’

David Blackmore: ‘sorry but SAFC will be bottom until May’

West Ham have been in disarray, hardly on our scale but bad enough with a poor start to the season and lots of unhappiness about the London Stadium. Who better to ask about all this than David Blackmore*, editor of Blowing Bubbles (Twitter: He thinks the club will eventually get it right on both counts – but fears for our Premier League;’s tenure …

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