Salut Predictions: Sunderland, Everton, Newcastle, Hammers, Wigan, Baggies – How Will They Fare?

Jake assesses the quality of our panel

Stephen Goldsmith writes: Enough of all this Man Utd v Arsenal and Liverpool v Man Utd nonsense, Wigan and West Brom will provide us with the third fixture to mull over this week. I actually think it’s an intriguing fixture. Seriously. West Brom have made an interesting appointment in Steve Clarke and I am genuinely interested as to how his managerial career is going to pan out. He’s worked for some big names – all with vast managerial methods it seems. Wigan are decent at home, however, and it could be a good yardstick for both teams.

Sunderland  travel to the wonderful Goodison Park this weekend. I have seen us draw there at best and will never forget the Boxing Day massacre of 1999 – where a soon-to-be Sunderland bound Don Hutchison netted twice in a 5-0 rout.  That game is a decent summation of our achievements in this particular fixture.

I have faith in this side, I really do. We are a top central midfielder away from being a very decent side and if Gardner, Colback or Larsson pull their finger out and take responsibility we have a chance against anyone.


The predictions:

Everton v Sunderland

Bill:I have little to base this on but blind faith in the probability theory – the one that says that sooner or later we’ll probably start playing better. We know the squad can do it, we’ve seen them do it and O’Neill desperately needs to get them doing it again. I don’t see us taking all three points at Goodison so, for once; a draw would be a decent result. Even better if Sess starts looking once more like the player we were all so afraid the Cats were going to lose. 2-2.

Colin: Since I am always wrong, bottom of the league and cannot even score sitters (e.g. Man U v Arsenal as a home win) I will be honest with us for a change instead of loyal and hope to be utterly wrong on both scoreline and winning team. Everton 2 SAFC 1

Jeremy:A home win comes as standard in Everton v Sunderland fixtures. No reason whatsoever to think that this one will be different even without Tim Cahill. 2-0 to the Toffees and more pressure on O’Neill.

The rest:Malcolm 3-0. Sixer 1-2. Robert 1-2. Goldy 2-2 Jake 2-0 John Mac 1-1.

Newcastle v West Ham

Sixer: How sweet would it be if Nolan levelled in the 82nd minute and Carroll headed the winner in the 93rd? It could happen! 1-2.

Robert:Newcastle still don’t look like a great side. On paper they’ve got quality all over the place but it doesn’t seem to have come together yet. And this week they’ll be without Coloccini in the middle so I expect West Ham to trouble them all day. I’ll go for a 1-1 draw.

John Mac:NUFC lack ball winners/holders who hold midfield together and dour Sam-organised defence keeps them at bay for much of the game. 1-1.

The rest: Malcolm 2-0. Bill 2-1. Colin 1-2. Goldy 1-1 Jake 3-1 Jeremy 1-1.

Wigan v West Brom

Malcolm:The Martinez way is, I feel, beginning to click – at least enough to overcome the Baggies. The Midlanders may be a force to be reckoned with at The Hawthorns, but they’ll come unstuck up in the land of Uncle Joe’s mintballs. Latics 3 WBA 1.

Goldy:Since that little bit in my intro bigging this game up, I guess it’s only fair I comment on it. Wigan, rarely expected to finish above the bottom six, are very decent at home – while West Brom has had the kind of start we all hoped for here.  They don’t always travel well though and I’m going for 2-1.

Jake:Can’t waffle – really don’t care 1-1

The rest:Bill 2-1. Sixer 1-2. Colin 1-3. Robert 1-1 Jeremy 2-1 John Mac 1-1.

A win’s a win for a’that: Sunderland beat Wigan, Sixer cites Burns

Jake pushes out the Sixer Soapbox

Positives: winning, being unbeaten, Mignolet’s world class shot-stopping, Fletcher’s Fifth …
Negatives: matched and menaced by Wigan for half the match, unable to build on a lead even against 10 men. Maybe we should acquire the wonderful gift identified by a certain Scottish bard: ‘to see oursel’s as others see us!’ Over to our resident Burns specialist in – if we are to believe him – pious, farewell mode Pete Sixsmith

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Martin’s Musings on SAFC Wigan:

'About time too!' screams Jake

It could all have been so much different. After three minutes and then again after fifteen, Simon Mignolet won this game for Sunderland. He did what he is paid to do but these early, crucial saves meant that Stephen Fletcher’s fifth goal in four games got the Lads their first league win of the season. Whether McClean’s cross was intentional or whether it was meant as an attempt on goal only he knows for sure, but there was no doubt about the clinical way the chance was put away.

Martin O’Neill delivers his post-match e-mail after today’s first League victory of the season.

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Sixer’s Sevens: Sunderland 1 Wigan Athletic 0 – betcha Fletcha

Who else? That was Peter Sixsmith‘s rhetorical question as Sunderland finally took the lead shortly after Wigan had gone down to 10 men when Gomez was sent off for a bad challenge on Danny Rose. Steven Fletcher was indeed the scorer, his fifth and also Sunderland’s fifth in the Premier this season. Simon Mignolet had earlier kept Wigan scoreless with a remarkable first-half save but SAFC were in the end reasonably comfortable if narrow winners …

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Sunderland v Wigan Athletic Who are You?: ‘every good show needs villains’

Jake wants to know ...

No, Ned Brown
*, younger member of the father-son partnership behind the Wigan Athletic fan site Los Three Amigos, is not talking about Lee Cattermole. Nor is he referring to Steve Bruce. As a lifelong Wigan supporter and also near-lifelong exile, he has respect for what both did for his club. You’ll need to read on to have the headline explained. Sunderland supporters, as buoyed by a decent League Cup win as the Latics were by theirs, are desperately hoping for a Premier League victory at last – and certainly not for a replica of the game last season that sent the guillotine blade slicing through the air towards Bruce’s neck. Ned predicts our fifth draw …

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Salut!’s prediction league: Sunderland, Swansea, Newcastle, Villa, Wigan & Stoke all draw

Jake assesses the quality of our panel

Stephen Goldsmith writes: You can all stop laughing. It’s quite expected really that this whole thing is my idea and I currently prop up the table. In fact it’s inevitable; I’m destined to finish there too. I might just start copying John Mac’s predictions every week as I have the power to do so.

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Darren Bent, QPR, Wigan and Liverpool: dreams, projects and £££

Stephen Goldsmith ponders life, wonders whether visiting NUFC or AVFC fans will allow mention of their clubs

As if we hadn’t banged on about Villa quite enough (though we do wonder how many Villans don’t yet know one of theirs won the top prize in our prestigious ”Who are You?” awards), now we’re at it again. Or, rather we’re not, not really. Stephen Goldsmith* – as Goldy – has been a frequent, thoughtful contributor to Comments and simply uses the Darren Bent example as the starting point for a riveting read on the glossary of want-away footballing hypocrisy …

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Game of the Season: the road to Wigan’s peerless joy

Jake says: get up in lights at Salut with your own season's review. See contact link at the top of the page

With apologies for the laboured pun – and M Salut promises not to add, ”Or Well, what did you expect?” – we present the third of Luke Harvey’s series of defining moments in the season just ended. We’ve had Signing of the Season and Opponents of the Season. Here is Luke’s Game of the Season …

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Sixer’s Sevens: Wigan Athletic 1 SAFC 4. O’Neill marches on

This is where Pete Sixsmith captures the glory and shame, hope and despair, excitement and ennui of the Sunderland matchday experience. When, rarely, Pete is absent or delayed, a supersub does it for him and the seven-word verdict is preceded by an asterisk. Pete’s full analysis of the game will usually appear within a day or two.

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