The curse of Chamakh: Bordeaux tears = Salut! smiles

Jean TiganaImage: Nicksarebi

Another edition of French Fancies and another irresistible pop at Bordeaux. And vote for Salut! Sunderland in the EPL TALK Club Blog awards by clicking here

No football manager, or anyone else for that matter, should have to complain that his 16-year-old daughter was made to suffer verbal abuse from some low-life “fan” or “fans” during a match, the episode distressing or worrying enough to cause the girl to leave the stand at half-time.

So for that, Salut! Sunderland offers sympathy and support to Jean Tigana, until last night the boss of les Girondins de Bordeaux. And we’d add that we have absolutely nothing against him in any case, since he was not even at the club when the events involving Sunderland AFC occurred.

That is where sympathy ends and gloating begins. Bordeaux 0 Sochaux 4, all the goals coming in the first half, indeed the first half an hour, is a deeply satisfying result that adds a little spice to the weekend’s other gratifying scoreline of Bolton 1 SAFC 2.

Tigana resigned immediately after the game, leaving Jean-Louis Triaud – the club president who sneered at “litte club” Sunderland (along with Laurent Blanc, then manager), when we had an interest in buying Marouane Chamakh – to express his “frustration, disappointment and even shame” at another grim Bordeaux performance, before their “big club” crowd of some 24,000 souls.

It is, M Triaud (and those Arsenal supporters who recently came here defending his insulting behaviour), the curse of Chamakh. Justice is being done, and may be done with interest if M Blanc, despite the valiant support of Zin├ędine Zidane, feels obliged to resign today or tomorrow as manager of France over the racial quotas scandal (in which, I hope and believe, he is innocent; Zizou certainly believes he know him well enough to be sure he is no racist).

And to think, a simple apology to Sunderland AFC, which M Triaud could easily have channelled via Salut! Sunderland, might have avoided all this divine retribution …

Monsieur Salut

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9 thoughts on “The curse of Chamakh: Bordeaux tears = Salut! smiles”

  1. Paltry then Salut?

    Small club and attendances. I would imagine that there would be a few of those from Sochaux. Long drive mind you.

  2. Just consulted L’Equipe to be more precise and our Big Club friends managed to draw a total of 24,143 to the Stade Chaban-Delmas for this game. Was that 24,142 after halftime, or did Mlle Tigana just go to another part of the ground? L’Equipe doesn’t say.

  3. Losing 4-0 at home to Sochaux is a very poor result. They aren’t much of a club at all Bordeaux. What was their gate on Saturday for this latest set back?

  4. We just like tackin the p*ss a bit!
    Apart from Marseilles and Lyon (or even PSG), i think most clubs in France should be considered “small”. The fact that their league isn’t as static as this one (top 4 changes every 20 years in england) doesn’t make it a miracle of a league or support. They should keep their gob shut at least till they get good fizzy pop league attendances (eg. Leeds, Forrest etc).

  5. Keep winding the fishing reel Salut. You may not catch les poisson de France but there are still a few bites to be had out there.

  6. Sorry, but it’s a spot of fun, consistent with the theme (French football, on which I comment quite often, since I live in France). Without a sense of fun, football blogs can be dull places. Of course, no one is obliged to share my sense of humour or even, necessarily, to possess one.

  7. To be fair, compared to Bordeaux at the time of your proposed purchase of chamakh, Sunderland were a small club. Bordeaux were French champions, Sunderland a lower mid-table club with little reputation outside of the UK. Therefore, you can’t expect them to have gladly sold chamakh (who was one of their main players) to you. But yeah it was disrespectful to insult sunderland.
    This is ridiculously petty though

  8. Ive been on your blog before, and in fairness its not as one eyed as most of them are.
    But I think youre carrying on this campaign a bit far! You had a great win yesterday, and after a dodgy period recently have cemented your status. I really think youre spoiling it for yourself. Why bother with what another club says or thinks? I also believe that the remark made by Triaud may have been more to do with Champions League than actual size of fanbase etc.
    Theres crap at every level, no matter who you support – we have the constant remarks from Barca players about Cesc etc. to put up with. Youre not alone in this, I just think its time to let it go and prove the doubters wrong.
    Focus on your own team and forget about the rest.

  9. All football supporters welcome, whatever their allegiance, subject only to normal rules of decency. But first-time posters will experience some delay for moderation. Sorry, but spam merchants and occasional neanderthals make that necessary …

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