Wickham’s ‘£13 million’, Salut! Sunderland’s one million

WSC: sponsors of the Who are You? awards

Nothing official on Connor Wickham, but today’s developments and eyebrow-raising estimates of £!3m as the size of our bid suggest genuine manoeuvres even if the lad still fancies that Anfield bench (read the footnote*), so first let us deal with a smaller number of millions …

If you scroll far enough down the left-hand sidebar, past all the links to other items at Salut! Sunderland or its sister sites, you reach – as I start writing this article – the figure of 995,769. In fact, for reasons unknown to me, you also see 995,770 just above it.

In other words, we are within a few days of hitting the million mark.

Now I am sure there are loads – millions? – of websites that attract a million visitors a minute, if not a trillion hits a second. Even so, it seems a milestone worth crowing about a little.

And I’ll tell you what: it makes the effort and time needed to keep this site going seem like a good idea. I would like to thank all the Sunderland supporters, and also the fans of many, many other clubs who come here, for the loyalty, support and interest the figure represents. I don’t expect you to like everything you find here but it is rewarding to know enough of you find something to amuse or inform.

Salut! Sunderland competitions do not produce prizes at the top end of those won on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

But whether or not Chris Tarrant would sniff at the thought, we are utterly delighted to be able to coincide news of our approaching million with confirmation that for the third season running, the FHD* football magazine When Saturday Comes has agreed to sponsor or co-sponsor the Who Are You? awards made to the opposing supporters who chip in with the best interview responses ahead of their clubs’ games vs Sunderland.

Thanks WSC and thanks to the Salut! Sunderland army of uncommonly literate readers for helping to make this site whatever it is (and I say that in the hope that no one is tempted just to add an h as the new second letter of site).

* FHD? Famously half-decent, which is as we have been known to describe When Saturday Comes. As for Connor Wickham, we still refuse to have our heads turned by speculation … but. That but is that when a report starts with the name of Graeme Anderson, of the Sunderland Echo, and states as fact that SAFC “have had a bid accepted for Ipswich Town star Connor Wickham and are now pushing for talks with the exciting young striker”, you should be able to take it as well-sourced. He does not confirm the reputed £13m size of the bid, and I hope (and suspect) it is actually a great deal less for a young lad who, however bright a prospect, has virtually everything still to prove. There remains the nagging doubt that the boy’s love of Liverpool will make him feel like holding out, unless no equal or better bid comes from Anfield. But with all the usual provisos about nothing being official, our interest does eem to be that of a club with genuine ambition. Oh, and in the time it took to post this, we’re gone 25 or so closer to that million.

Monsieur Salut

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9 thoughts on “Wickham’s ‘£13 million’, Salut! Sunderland’s one million”

  1. I think that if the Sunderland Echo’s figure today proves correct = £8.1m with add ons – that is more realistic and in tune with the market. It is still a great deal for someone of limited experience but , like others, I am excited at the prospect of having him realise his potential with us, at least for a few two seasons, and believe our pursuit of him and the signing, if confirmed, send out great signals about SAFC.

  2. Is there any difference in the risk Spurs had signing Gareth Bale, and us (hopefully) signing Wickham? . . . . discuss . . .

  3. I believe Bruce has traded well this summer and if Gardner and Wickham come in he will have substanially strengthened the squad. Gibson would further do that and Brown and O’shea don’t look as if they are interested. He needs a top class centreback and we are ready for what could be a fantastic season.

  4. I suspect that we will have disturbed the hornets nest with our bid for Wickham and are being used to get Ipswich an even better price from Liverpool . I seem to recall something similar happening to NUFC when Rooney was made available by Everton.

  5. Seems you had an extra h to use and you were going to use it somewhere. Like you, I’d rather it went into Wickham than site.

    Well done on the milestone.

  6. A wizard of spelling from Boldon! I guess a comparative paradox would be the Queen asking for scrapings on her chips.

    I know I’m the wearer of rose tinted specs, but I think Connnorr Wikkum will make the grade. The lad’s got natural ability. The only thing is – we will sell him on in a couple of years. I was hoping that Quinny would block the sale of Jordan and signal our intent to genuinely compete with the big boys. But no – we’re a flippin farm team. We’re an “also-ran”. I know that you can’t stop ambitious youngsters joining teams with more potential to win trophies. But why can’t we make ourselves one of those teams?

    Why do we have such a great academy? To produce international standard players to flog to Liverpool?? What a crock!! If I was Naill I would introduce a loyalty clause in their contract, preventing them from jumping ship if they made the grade – at least for a specified period.

    Our hierarchy need to reject the “lesser club” mentality, talk the talk and walk the walk. If we are going to progress, we have to stop selling our best players – especially the home grown academy boys. That’s that.

  7. Boldonboy is quite right and I apologise (as well as ticking the thumbs up for his comment). Only excuse: this was written at speed in an airport, with the battery rapidly running out, and I did not make the usual double-checks before posting.
    Lame excuse, but true.

    Corrected now.

  8. I agree that 13mil is a lot for someone unproven at Prem level.
    How long will it take him to find his feet?
    Its a gamble.
    I’ve seen a few yotube clips of him and he looks like he’s got all the raw materials of being an excellent striker. But when?
    Here’s the gamble: do we count on him to blossom into a prem striker immediately, or do we have to wait until that happens.

    Having said that, I think 13mil represents good “business” sense because I reckon we can sell him on at a very good profit (like Benty). There’s no doubt Wickham would see us as a stepping stone club anyway.

    I would go for it.

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