Win or buy an England top that isn’t a £90 ripoff


Forget Nike and its made-for-the-affluent England tops – the ‘suggested retail’ prices are defended in this US media item – and look at the ones you see featured here … you can win or buy one

Just as relics of football’s neanderthal age cause mayhem on the streets of Paris (PSG lowlife as guilty as the Chelsea variants), the equally ugly face of corporate football shows itself again with Nike asking £90 for a replica England World Cup top.

It is not as if anyone will feel like wearing one for that long after Brazil 2014 starts in June.

Think of what you can get for £90 …

* four and a half lifetime subscriptions to the Friends of Salut! Sunderland

Each new subscriber receives a Salut! Sunderland mug

* at least three pints
of yellow fizz, or two of decent real ale, in London

Each new drinker gets a sore head

* £40 change – on the £90 you would have spent on Nike’s top – having bought both classic England tops offered by Campo Retro that you see pictured in this article.

* £90 change if you win the Campo Retro top of your choice by answering the following stinker of a question:

Which winner of the European Golden Boot was deemed not good enough to play a single minute of the Euro 2000 tournament in Belgium and the Netherlands? Don’t tell me – I was there so know, and have disabled Comments for this item – but tell Campo Retro at They will pcik the winner from millions of correct answers.


The rest of us can make a really Nike saving and buy one of the retrospective tops for £25. This is how Campo Retro, recent friends of Salut! Sunderland, puts it:

England shirt now available for £90??? Or pick up one of these classic official England retro shirts for just £25? Think I’ll be shopping at The rest of us can make a really Nike saving and buy one of the tops for £25 from

But enter the competition as well. You may end up with one won one bought.

Monsieur Salut by Matt
Monsieur Salut by Matt
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