Winning ways, winning prices, winning with Gyan

We’ve all seen Cashamoah €yan’s protestations that his move from the English Premier League to the United Arab Emirates was not about money. Come up with the best non-financial explanation, buy something from the Salut! Sunderland shop – even it’s only a £2 pen! – and we will dip into the merchandise to add some suitable prize. Was the lure Al Ain Zoo (I’ve been there; not bad) or maybe the spectacular views from the summit of Jebel Hafeet (ditto)? A footballing reason we’ve all missed? Editor’s decision final blah, blah. Meanwhile, some good news on the prices front …

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Just wait until Sunderland actually win a game, I thought. That’ll be the moment to exploit the feel-good factor and sneakily put up the prices of Salut! Sunderland‘s merchandise.

Instead the prices are coming down.

I have already reduced the price of the pen, engraved with Salut! Sunderland – written with passion – to £2, with discounts if you buy more than one. To be fair, the reduction was the result of a misunderstanding with the supplier that initially led me to price the things at £6.50.

But I have now, courtesy of a fleeting trip home to the UK, had a chance to see both the pens, mugs and T-shirts for the first time since I designed them online.

And although I am pleased with the ones I bought for myself, I think the prices should be pitched lower.

The mug, therefore, will now be offered at £9.50 instead of £11 and the T-shirts at £15 not £16. This chips away the profit margin, which is intended not to make anyone rich but to allow Salut! Sunderland to be viable.

But I slagged off London Zoo at Salut! for its rip-off prices and, while I can do nothing about the suppliers’ prices, will not allow ours to be higher than necessary to make it worth doing at all.

To ensure no one loses out, I will track back all those who have ordered items at the original prices and send one pen or more depending on how many them bought, .

Whether or not you have a go at a Gyan explanation for moving from Sunderland to Al Ain, please visit the shop and have a look around. There are bags and mouse pads, too, and other items will be added in due course. Maybe after another win or two.

Monsieur Salut

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