A thousand up

No cause to brag, but as I was adding Kate Adie to the Celebrity Supporters Revisited file, the little counter showing how many people have passed through my turnstiles clocked up its first 1,000.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, I can retrace some of the steps taken by people who have reached these shores. So far, they have come from the North East, elsewhere in the UK, Ireland, France, America, Canada, Australia, Africa and the Middle East.

A few came from my French blog Salut! as a result of a slight misrouting problem when A Love Supreme set up a link from its site to here. Sorry for the roundabout journey – at least it gave me an excuse to post another SAFC picture there.

Thank you all for your visits. Much of what I have posted here is intended merely to jog memories or enrich supporters’ knowledge of the club they support. It is not especially time sensitive and can be browsed at leisure.

But if I say something that strikes a chord or gets your goat, please feel positively encouraged to say so or have a go back.

Even if it is not be the sort of site where a huge amount of feedback of that kind should be expected, I will always look at and, if necessary, respond to comments.

And now bring on Coventry.

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