Come on Spain..hang on si si Espa


Yes, let us be partisan and say: “Come on Spain.”

But – this being running commentary with game in progress – are the cynics right to assume Spain will play the football while Germany win the game?

I should put cards on table and admit that I am expecting a display full of Spanish flair ending in German triumph. But I still want Spain to make me eat my words, and then tell Keano the road is clear to sign Iniesta, Villa and maybe one or two others……..

Torres, TORRES, TORRES!, TORRES!!…….what a spurt, what a skip, what a finish!…….hold out for an hour more!

AND the world now knows that they did……..enjoy the clip until YouTube takes it down .

Salut! Sunderland signs off with Terry Venables declaring Spain the competition’s “best by a mile”, and Glenn Hoddle saying England are not within five or six years of producing a trophy-winning team*………….but cannot resist offering its own modest congratulations, and the warmest of welcomes to any Spanish players contemplating a move to SAFC.

* on Al Jazeera TV….

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