No C(s)issy, our Cissé

The Beeb is reporting that Marseille have negotiated an “agreement in principle” for Djibril Cissé to join Sunderland on a season-long loan.

had two seasons at Liverpool, marred by breaks to both legs, one of them in a dreadful incident that most people would struggle to forget if they saw it on television. he had to show considerable resilience to come back from such injuries.

But despite an understandably lean time at Anfield, he scored 16 goals for Marseille last season. Apart from Lyon, the standard of football in the French league is not great. But Cissé is a classy player, or is if free of injury, and it might be a good move for Sunderland. Assuming it happens, that is, and he doesn’t just go off and join Earthquake Kaboul at Pompey…….

ImagesNot sure what use might be found on Wearside for his other talent – adopting curious poses for calendars. Or at any rate as Monsieur Mars (March) for the Dieux du Stade calendar produced for the Stade Francais rugby club in Paris.

It gets a bit chilly on Roker beach as the season wears on.

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