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Salut! Sunderland is always on the cadge, asking fans of other clubs to preview our games against them – there isn’t much point asking the clubs themselves for help, as you’ll see when I get round to telling the dispiriting tale of Salut!, SuperKev and Birmingham City.

Today the boot is on the other foot.

A slick Gooner site called Arsenal Insider asked if we’d do the honours for them, and the results have just been published at this link. Not sure why they thought they were talking to a Hull fan about a match against Sunderland – click on the picture – but there you go.

I am afraid I wasn’t very upbeat about our chances today, though I hope to be proved spectacularly wrong.

It’s what comes of supporting the Lads for hundreds of years. Blame all typos on my keyboard and join me in hoping that 0-2 turns out to be a typo for 2-0.

ps I’ve also had my say on the Joe Kinnear press conference, if that’s what it can be called. Read it at my main site Salut!

* Gooners who pass by these shores after following the link from Arsenal Insider may find the following item of interest:

Coming soon: the red and white striped abaya – a young Emirati woman’s attempts to avoid being indoctrinated as a Sunderland fan

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