Who are you? We’re Wolves (2)


If Andy Nicholls played the long ball, with a few elegant runs here and there, our second Wolverhampton Wanderers supporter, Garry Dingley*, found via the Wolves-Mad fan site, prefers it short and sweet. And he grows in confidence as he goes on: an unknown third slot for relegation is filled, a few questions later, by Stoke City. Read on to see who else he reckons will go down, and who he thinks will win on Sunday. Salut! Sunderland thanks all Wolves fans for their interest – plus Jody Craddock for permission to showcase his art …

Salut! Sunderland: A lot of our fans wondered how Mick McCarthy might have done with the money available to Keane and Bruce. Has he had enough at Wolves and has he spent it wisely?

I think he could of done with a little bit more so we could get one or two players in with Premier experience. He does seem to rely on players who have played for him before thought.

On that note, Greg Halford seems to be picking up a lot of five out of tens in newspaper player ratings. He was a great disappointment at our place. Still not up to it? What about other signings from Sunderland eg Neil Collins and Jody Craddock?

Halford as been moved to full back now and as played well there. I never liked Collins but Jody isn’t a bad player at all now.

It’s great to have Wolves back in the top flight. Can it be more than a one-season wonder? Where will each of our teams finish this season?

I hope/think we will both stay up. Looking at the league, it will be Pompey, Hull & one other..

What would it take to recreate the glory days?

Long term investment in players and stadia plus trying to get football back to the real fans….

Could Billy Wright really do no wrong? Any first-hand or passed-down anecdotes to illustrate the man and the player?

Billy Wright was a gent. End of. I’m to young to remember him playing but I’ve never heard anything bad said of him.

Any great or terrible memories of Wolves v Sunderland games? Have you been to Roker Park or the Stadium of Light?

The one game that always sticks in my mind is when we beat you 2-0 at Roker Park with the Sunderland opening up like the Red Sea as Geoff Thomas went on that run from our 18 yard box to score at the end.

What’s your thinking on this season’s top four. If Man City not included, why not?

Chelski, Manure, Liverpool & Arsenal. I think Man City need time to gel.

And the bottom three?

Pompey, Hull and Stoke (because I’m not a great fan of Stoke).

The Eduardo question: last seconds of last game fo season. A blatant dive wins Wolves the penalty that keeps them up. You take it galdly, you take it with a twinge of guilt or you’re so ashamed you almost wish you’d gone down?

I would be glad we stayed up. After all, you play to the whistle.

Will yoiu be there on Sunday? What will be the score?

I won’t be there at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon. The Missus has got too many jobs for me to do. The score: one nil to us.

What was the question I should have asked but didn’t – and the answer?

Is Steve Bull really a god….. And the answer is yes

Garry Dingley on Garry Dingley:
I’m 39. Other interests I have away from football are reading, walking and Ju Jutsu and I work for the NHS. I’ve really followed Wolves from 1986, going to the games when I could afford to pay my own way and go with my mates. I’ve been all over the country with Wolves often making a weekend away of it in the early 90s. So I really started watching Wolves when we were in the old Div 4. The footy site I mainly use is Footymad where we have a fair bit of banter with the S*** fans (Albion).


** The two Wolves “Who are You?” features are dedicated to the memories of Jody Craddock’s baby son Jake, a victim of cot death at five months while Jody was playing at Sunderland, and my friend David Graves, a Wolves fan who always seemed to find a way of following his team even when, as an ace reporter, covering wars in hot and dusty lands.

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