Another trophy for Arsenal


Sunderland supporters are known for their complete objectivity and generosity of spirit.

So let’s offer congratulations to Arsène Wenger’s team for bouncing back from defeat at the Stadium of Light – how pleasing it is to write those words – to brush aside Standard Liège.

And there’s another trophy heading the Gunners’ way, or more accurately a Gooner’s way. This one takes the form of Salut! Sunderland‘s modest prize for what it considers the best Arsenal response to our criticism of Wenger’s post-match comments, which appeared (in context and out of it) haughtily dismissive of SAFC.

This site receives healthy levels of hits, but relatively few posted comments. But even allowing for the contributions from SAFC fans, the response just about amounts to a quorum. By and large, the Gooner comments were sharp, gracious and fair but I have decided to award the prize to Liam O’Baoghill, who made up for an eccentric approach to spelling with humour and honesty.

In fact Liam posted twice:

… It is fairly obvious that you stifled us with your sintalating style and panache. Instead of us being complacent, and tired looking. Well done you beat us,
I still see that you have your very large contingent of Irish fans who booed Gallas everytime he got the ball. Whats that all about? By the way, I am a big Ireland fan myself, but find these clowns pathetic. x

And when I pointed out that this was mere pantomime booing (and that I assumed the Arsenal fans chanting Thierry Henry’s name were similarly intent on goading Niall Quinn), Liam replied:

I think really the whole thing comes down to dignity in defeat. And we are not anymore. No one likes to be beat. We need to learn to take it on the chin like we used to. I have great respect for Sunderland, can’t say I support them, but I do watch for there score. As for big quinny can’t say enough good things about him. I remember his dubut for us, it was against Liverpool and he scored, we thought we had the new Pele. As for the banter on the terraces if thats what it was thats different. I love the craic between fans, and have to say Arsenal have there fair share of good comidians …

The prize is unlikely to change Liam’s life. He can choose a book by Arsenal’s resident novelist Nick Hornby (by which I mean a regular book, not one of those expensive special editions). Thanks to all who took part and good luck in the Champions League.

Colin Randall

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