Germans at Sunderland: an unhappy history?

There are too many ifs in the transfer speculation to know exactly what to make of it.

But here are a few of our own:

IF Kenwyne is on his way out, we can respect Steve Bruce’s reasoning, but only …

IF he has a proper replacement lined up, not some uncertain loan deal. For all the disappointments of this season, Kenwyne is an imposing presence in our team, at front and back.

IF, on the other hand, we ended up with another German recruit with the impact and lasting power of a Thomas Hauser or Thomas Helmer, it would be, as someone has noted at the Blackcats list, potentially disastrous. Can anyone recall any other German in our colours? And don’t say Bernt Haas – he was Swiss.

IF , as has been reported, we are in for Kevin Kuranyi, let us hope Stevie is absolutely convinced he can not only do a great job for us but make us feel a lot less uneasy about losing Kenwyne.

But Sky Sports are reporting that Kuranyi is likely to stay in Germany, having claimed to be committed “heart and soul” to his present club Schalke.

And IF that is correct, then Kenwyne should be allowed to go nowhere.

All of which simply goes to show that the transfer window, and all the attendant speculation and rumour, may be desigend to cause confusion and exasperation.

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