Liverpool 3 SAFC 0: anyone hear the thud?

The mini-run is over, for now. Maybe we did get carried away with a couple of wins and a few draws. Liverpool not only brought us down to earth with that thud. They hammered us …

This was not a good weekend to come up against top four sides in decent form, as Villa, Bolton and Pompey discovered yesterday and we had rammed home to us today.

Sunderland were back to their nervous, disjointed, uncreative selves and were probably lucky not to lose by a far greater margin.

We lacked Mensah and Hutton, both of whom are huge losses given their important roles in our modest revival. Liverpool undoubtedly played some football of the highest quality. But we made them look better than they were, and never looked like scoring until Zenden’s excellent shot, well saved, in stoppage time.

Back to the drawing board, Steve. There are still points we have to secure and they really ought to start next Saturday, ath ome to Spurs.

Colin Randall

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