Stopping spam – and how it affects you

We have finally
accepted the repeated advice of the web gurus of and resolved to act against the spammers who pollute Salut! Sunderland‘s comment field.

The problem has become worse has the site has grown, notably in recent months, to the extent that tedious daily cleansing is now required to rid the site of the drivel planted by people acting or purporting to act, as we have seen, on behalf of legitimate or seemingly legitimate businesses and sites.

In future, if you have not posted in the past, your comment will be held to await moderation.

This is a pain for you, the poster, and for me, the moderator.

It delays good, funny, supportive or critical comments appearing until I am able to get to them. But it is a step forced on us by the relentlessness of the spammers, who actually boast about what they can do to build up a site’s profile. Let them rot in hell.

And if anyone comes up with a better solution, I am sure they will let me know.

Colin Randall

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