Racing for glory: Wolves, Hull and Birmingham’s dark horses

A late contender has surfaced in our Who Are you? awards. He supports Birmingham City but was not on the original shortlist. So he could be either Kevin Ball kevinball1 – their Kevin Ball (left), not ours, and living in Devon – or he could be Leigh Bosworth brum1 from the Yorkshire Bluenoses. Or, in the spirit of the age, someone could get most of the votes but still not win anything …

Salut! Sunderland is close to announcing the winners of its great Who Are You? competition.

Fans of every other Premier League club (that is 19 of them), plus the teams from outside the Premier we’ve played in cups, are being judged for the quality of their contributions to our popular series.

Nothing to declare just yet, but I can say that offerings from Hull City and Wolverhampton Wanderers supporters – no, not Jody Craddock, he is a player and therefore ineligible – have made an early impression on the judges.

Read our earlier parade of candidates, to seen who else is in the running, by clicking here.

However, you ay recall that I said the judges were entitled to go outside the shortlist supplied by me if any other Who Are They? feature this season had caught their eyes. One judge has detected a Birmingham City candidate for such an exception. He has yet to declare his hand, so it is too early to say whether the Brummie has a chance of sharing the honours. Click either or bothj of the links in the introduction to see what Kevin Ball and Leigh Boswsorth had to say before (two of) our games against City this season.

Once the season is over, and the verdicts from tomorrow’s game at Molineux are under our belts, we’ll get down to the timing of the awards announcement. Do they come before our series of end-of-term reports, or afterwards? Time will tell.

But look forward to a busy summer with Salut! Sunderland. Pete Sixsmith and I never close, even if it means dressing as Windmill girls.

Colin Randall

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