Salut!’s Nice corner: the new Zidane

Just as my back was turned – back in England for a few days – Eric Roy’s Nice took their first defeat of the season and it was a grim-sounding 4-0 thumping at Sochaux.

And then went out in the League Cup – which may seem familiar to Sunderland fans – in midweek, though at least the scoreline was more respectable (2-0) and it was away to this week’s Ligue 1 leaders, St Etienne (it’ll probably be someone else top next week).

And who should win both in the league and the cup but our French bĂȘtes noires, Bordeaux? They’re still a few places behind Nice, for which Salut! Sunderland is grateful.

Otherwise, enjoy the clip of the 16-year-old lad who must be among the world’s best-known teenage footballers.

Enzo Zidane, son of Zinedine, was on the main TF1 news in France tonight and is clearly profiting sufficiently from his Real Madrid coaching to give hope that he might make as good a player as his old man was.

As to the country he’ll play for if and when ready, that is open to doubt. His mother is Spanish so both Spain and France have claims (we can probably assume Algeria won’t even bother asking).

Zizou – dad – says: “Nothing has been decided. To date, Enzo has not yet been selected by Spain nor France. And I think it’s better that way … It is true, in terms of gestures, when I look at him, I see myself.”

Colin Randall

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