Wolves v SAFC: an early winner

“Personally I would never go on other fans websites. We are Wolves to hell with the rest.”

With those words at the Molineux Mix Wolves fan site, Burton Wolf set out his store as one of football’s more insular characters.

Each to his own. But thank heavens Andy Nicholls, a moderator at the site, takes a more open approach.

His answers to our questions ahead of today’s game – click here for a look if you missed it – have been seen by thousands of fans, of Sunderland and Wolves.

And for the second time at Salut! Sunderland, Andy is a winner – and not because he once worked in Sunderland and is married to a Wearside girl. His responses win our equivalent of the manager-of-the-month award and a copy of the Mackem/Geordies book will be heading his way soon.

This adds to the modest prize he won in last season’s end-of-term awards for best opposing fans’ contributions. His “Who are You?” was a clear winner for November; Stoke and Spurs fans were also excellent, but also professional writers which disqualified them from consideration, and ChelseaD was, well, ChelseaD and we can hardly have anonymous winners.

If that sounds as if Andy – pictured with his family – therefore won a competition in which he was the only candidate, I can add that I would have chosen him even if the others had been eligible.

If you aren’t Andy but fancy the book anyway, it’s dirt cheap – sorry, that seems a terrible indictment of our prizes policy – at this Amazon link.

* Last season’s award-winning entry from Andy, with some Jody Craddock artwork, can be seen at this link

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