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Plugs follow, but a quick word on football first: can we play as well at Old Trafford as we did at Stamford Bridge? Boxing Day will present Sunderland with another stiff test of the squad’s growing maturity and flair. No Welbeck, of course, and no Mensah, which is a huge blow, but we are entitled to look to Bent and Gyan, and our Ferdinand, for convincing performances.
And the plugs? Well, with what little time is left – or with an eye to the new year – why not consider choosing from these cut-price presents (that quiz book you see comes at under £7 from this link)? Or have a wander through what follows …

Until we won our honourable little mention in the When Saturday Comes “virtual gongs”, the idea had been to combine hopes for three points against Bolton with another plug for the last-minute Christmas presents you can get from Amazon via the links on this site. We had the three points in the bag before we could get around to posting it.

Britain, as we know, cannot cope with a spot of wintry weather so you’ll have to see what Amazon says about delivery times.

But any Sunderland fan deprived of these goodies for Christmas will be just as grateful for some new year gifts.

Don’t buy anything you or someone close wouldn’t want, but if something takes your fancy, do feel happy about helping Salut! Sunderland meet its running costs.

Just browse the book offers below. Every order placed is appreciated by Salut! Sunderland but there’s no need to worry that the commission will make anyone here rich …

You’ll know the drill. Below I offer a few ideas but once at Amazon you can browse around for other things:

: The Far Corner: Harry Pearson’s “mazy dribble” through North-eastern football is still the best book on the game I have read. Order here.

Stan Anderson, Captain of the North: written with Mark Metcalf, on a man who gave outstanding service to both Sunderland and that lot up the road. Order here.

Stokoe, Sunderland and ‘ 73
: Lance Hardy’s terrific read on the glorious 1973 FA Cup win. order here.

For others: this continues the posting – first part here – which introduced some of the Amazon bargains available at their usual rock bottom prices and maybe ideal as Christmas gifts for Sunderland supporters:

Charlie Hurley: The Greatest Centre Half the World Has Ever Seen
– that man Mark Metcalf again. Order here

Sunderland’s Greatest Games: the admirable Rob Mason, editor of the Legion of Light and matchday programme. Order here.

From Afghanistan to Temazepam: The Diary of an SAFC Foot Soldier – by Malcom Robinson. Order here.

More 24 Hour SAFC People: A Love Supreme’s indispensable second collection of essays by Sunderland fans – Monsieur Salut included, with his notorious Club v Country: an easy home win chapter. It’s dirt cheap: from 46p to £10 – whereas the first volume IS a collector’s piece: three optimists are looking for £65 a copy, which is a lot more than I paid for Pete’s Soviet hat.

Order here

And finally, non-football: Sunderland in old photos. Order here.

If you like folk and roots music, check out the offers at Salut! Live. Authors whose books can be bought via the main Salut! site include Winston Churchill, Peter Crouch, Nigella Lawson and Bob Newhart.
And a Merry Christmas to all Salut! Sunderland readers and contributors.
Monsieur Salut

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