If you’re off to Fulham and Stan’s your man

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News from the London and Southern England branch of the SAFC Supporters’ Association – generous geographical boundaries: I was still eligible during my stint in Abu Dhabi and remain so now when in France – of special interest to fans attending the Fulham game.

Observant readers will have seen the Amazon ad down the right hand column for Mark Metcalf’s book on the life and (continuing, I’m glad to say) times of Stan Anderson, a cultured right half I am old enough to remember.

Copies of Stan Anderson: Captain of the North, signed by Mark (also a London branch member, I believe) will be available at the reduced price of £15 from the man himself in the Duke’s Head pub in Lower Richmond Road, Putney, before the game.

But he needs to know how many copies to bring. If you’d like one (or more), you are invited to place your orders by emailing dicktraynor73@yahoo.co.uk.

And if that fails, buy it by clicking here. I won’t queer Mark’s pitch by saying how much!

Monsieur Salut

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