Salut!’s week: fun at Newcastle’s expense, Mackemoiselle memories

OK, let’s launch a new feature at Salut! Sunderland, or rather an old-for-new feature. Things you may have missed over the preceding few days.

The site has been extremely busy this week. Features ranged from match reports and reflections on Sunderland 1 West Ham 0, and sympathy for Chris Hughton (and yes, a trace of fun at the Mags’ expenses – and that was even before the Pardew appointment), to the classic reminiscences of two young female supporters and a Fulham fan’s neat preview of today’s game at Craven Cottage.

Quite a mix – and my thanks to Pete Sixsmith and Birflatt Boy for their contributions, plus the many people, Mags included, who took the time to post comments. No apologies to those who came here grumpily or profanely to complain that we were enjoying ourselves almost as much as they enjoyed Oct 31.

And it got us into the top 20 of the Soccerlinks hit list – our highest ever position (18th), in fact – , so Monsieur Salut is happy enough.

Take your pick and just click on the links to any item you missed or may even like to see again:

* Sixer’s Sevens: Pete Sixsmith’s short, sharp matchday verdict (with a link back to 2007 for those with strong stomachs)

* Sixer’s Soapbox: Pete ruminates on the three points gained in laborious fashion against a team he regards as relegation certainties

* A happy sequel to Tash’s tale: story of a first visit to the Sol that won her academic success.

* Anything Tash can do … Vicky does too: a “smashing read”, declared Jeremy Robson, about Victoria Clare’s account of the Championship-winning trip to West Ham in 2005.


* Newcastle United and Chris Hughton: Salut! Sunderland expresses, not for the first time, admiration for Hughton – and heaps derision on Mike Ashley for a tawdry sacking:
1): Hughton sacked as Newcastle take leave of their senses

2) Ashley’s Newcastle dream team – and the real reason Hughton had to go

3) Sorry, but Ashley makes Newcastle a laughing stock again

* The Fulham “Who are You”: our friendly bank manager Steve Johnson rubs shoulders with Keith Allen, raps to Example, sings the praises of Steeeeeed and predicts a 2-1 win for his boys today

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