Ways of making Sunderland fans happy: part 2

Pete Sixsmith got his Christmas present early from Monsieur Salut: a Soviet-style hat from St Petersburg that may become a collectors’ item if the World Cup row leads to the English being banned from Russia.

For others: this continues the posting – first part here – which introduced some of the Amazon bargains available at their usual rock bottom prices and maybe ideal as Christmas gifts for Sunderland supporters:

Charlie Hurley: The Greatest Centre Half the World Has Ever Seen
– that man Mark Metcalf again. Order here

Sunderland’s Greatest Games: the admirable Rob Mason, editor of the Legion of Light and matchday programme. Order here.

From Afghanistan to Temazepam: The Diary of an SAFC Foot Soldier – by Malcom Robinson. Order here.

More 24 Hour SAFC People: A Love Supreme’s indispensable second collection of essays by Sunderland fans – Monsieur Salut included, with his notorious Club v Country: an easy home win chapter. It’s dirt cheap: from 46p to £10 – whereas the first volume IS a collector’s piece: three optimists are looking for £65 a copy, which is a lot more than I paid for Pete’s Soviet hat.

Order here

And finally, non-football: Sunderland in old photos. Order here.

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