HT: Birmingham City 1 SAFC 0 – ‘mine’ said the keeper

This article has been superseded by Birmingham City 2 SAFC 0: Mignolet nightmare but where was our punch

That just about sums up 2011 for Sunderland.

Every reason to hope the dreadful run may be about to end. There isn’t much punch but we’re in charge. All the creativity comes from us. SuperKev has barely been seen.

Then the City keeper boots the ball gratefully downfield. There’s nothing to worry about. Bardsley has Larsson breathing down his neck but can hoof it out if he has to. Mignolet raises his arm. It’s mine!

Only Sunderland supporters can guess what happens next. The ball’s in the back of the net and Bardsley is remonstrating with the hapless keeper.

“Harsh to be behind,” read Pete Sixsmith’s text from Sy Andrew’s. “but we haven’t really threatened.”

Please let it get better … by which I didn’t mean let’s go two down.


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