Write your own script for Sunderland. Rewards in heaven

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If a website can find eight people to write end-of-season reviews, it is probably getting something right in terms of attracting voices on board and making them heard.

It is likely that each of those eight people will contribute further articles for use at Salut! Sunderland in the weeks and months to come. Their efforts are typically seen by hundreds, maybe even thousands, of readers who necessarily love football and are likely to share their passion for Sunderland.

But there is room for more.

Salut! Sunderland sets its standards high. It may even reach those standards from time to time. But it is not a private members’ club. There is a warm welcome here for anyone who feels they can string some words together.

Ideally, the site should continue throughout the close season to offer entertaining, informative or challenging thoughts from and for Sunderland supporters – and the many non-SAFC fans who stray into these pages or come here because they’ve been before and like it enough to return.

Plenty of the people who have left comments at this site could also write articles. It doesn’t matter if there are typos or grammatical lapses. These will be caught and corrected before or, as often happens, after publication. But editing, if haphazard, is light; M Salut makes few major changes.

If you have anything to say, on any footballing topic with or without reference to Sunderland, let me know. I’d be delighted to welcome new faces at this site. Look down the Salut! Gold column in the left-hand sidebar and you see links to postings by Tash Scott and Victoria Clare. But there have been others, too. We must have published up to a dozen articles by people who have written for Salut! Sunderland only once or twice. Either Tash or Vicky, or any of the others, would find an open door if they wished to knock again with ideas for further pieces.

Until Murdoch or some other tycoon takes us over, we are unlikely to be able to reciprocate with much by way of rewards, save for our appreciation and whatever may lie is store in heaven.

* If you do want to write for Salut! Sunderland, e-mail me at colinrandall1@gmail.com

and we’ll take it from there.

Monsieur Salut

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