Wanted: warm, witty or wise Brighton supporter before Sunderland game

BHAFC v DRFC npower Championship 6/8/11James Boyes

STOP PRESS: Two Albion supporters have now come forward. Fatboy Slim’s response is awaited, but otherwise we have enough to be going on with! Thanks …

Salut! Sunderland needs a seasider who fits any part of the description in the headline.

You should all be in a good mood after promotion, a good start and a dream Carling Cup draw so I expect to be bowled over in the rush to be our “Who Are You?” interviewee ahead of next Tuesday’s game. I originally wrote “Who Ate You?” but this has nothing to do with cannibalism; just a quick Q&A ahead of the cup match.

Bear in mind that whatever your ambitions for the season, 2011-2012 is the one in which SAFC hope to start winning trophies again, and the league cup might just fit the bill.

If you run a Brighton and Hove Albion fan site or fanzine or have been following the club for decades, or just have lots to say, please contact us immediately. We need to get questions to you this week, to be answered by the end of the weekend.

Send a quick line to me at colinrandall1@gmail.com. There is a clickable version of this link just below the Paris Hotels ad in the sidebar to your right. Only exceptionally qualified seagulls need apply.

Monsieur Salut

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