Calling West Brom and Bolton fans: your wit and wisdom needed

Albion 5Image: Tony Hisgett

An appeal to WBA and Bolton supporters with something to say to Salut! Sunderland

Five games into the season, six if you include Brighton in the Carling, we’ve done OK so far with “Who are You?” interviews. But time has been a problem and, believe me, time is needed in order to find suitable – by which you can sometimes read “any” – candidates.

Last season, we did quite well with West Bromwich Albion and Bolton Wanderers, two of the teams we face in the coming few games. Both clubs can, for whatever reason, be tricky in terms of getting someone to sign up to the Q&A.

But we managed the BBC tennis commentator David Law and Birmingham Mail WBA writer Chris Lepkowski for West Brom. And Natasha Whittam and
Howard Page did the honours for Bolton. Four cracking interviews resulted.

Reebok StadiumImage: Terry Whalebone

Who is up for it this time around?

I’d love to hear from WBA and Bolton supporters who feel they have something to say and also that their club is worth talking out loud about. Wit and wisdom are hugely welcome, but optional.

If you are interested, please leave a message below (using your proper e-mil address which will not be visible publicly) or write to me at … asap.

Colin Randall

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