Mugs, pens … and now T-shirts in Salut!’s bid for solvency


Salut! Sunderland is away for a long weekend. What you see here and in the next image are the first T-shirts we have for sale at the site shop.

As an introductory offer, they are available at £16 each. Feedback from readers who have already received their orders of mugs or pens Crackerjacks pencils and cabbages may have to wait – would be welcome. Click here for the shop …

There is no entrance charge at Salut! Sunderland. If only some way could have devised for automatically charging £1 a time whenever a Mag came here to gloat the other weekend, there’d be no need to worry about money again for a while: we’d have banked £15,000 or more.

Life is not so simple.

Please at least consider helping Salut! Sunderland keep up a service some have come to appreciate, by checking out items at our newly opened shop – and, if anything appeals, buying it.

I am not suggesting that Pete Sixsmith’s supply of ale depends solely on anything M Salut is able to slip his way by way of beer money.

He has a busy marching schedule for public service pension protests and is no doubt counting on that nice Mr Cameron to ensure that Mr Osborne takes better care of retired teachers. But every little helps, and it would be great news, if unlikely to happen, if Salut! Sunderland could somehow become self-sufficient. M Salut could given up work, too, and the two of us could devote our entire lives to the service of Sunderland supporters.

Leave aside such pipe dreams and the fact remains that Pete writes as well as most people earning generous salaries from newspapers for reporting on football. Maintaining the standards he reaches for a site like this takes conscientiousness as well as passion, which should be rewarded in some way, just as running the site costs time and money. I also need to grease the palm of young Addick-tedKevn, the Charlton fan who comes up with designs.

£11, postage-free for UK buyers

The ads and the betting or Amazon links you see dotted around the place are intended to help in the process of making Salut! Sunderland sort of viable, and so now is the shop.

Use the ads, links and shop as you see fit, and feel free to tell me if there’s something we should be doing to make its products – the others items offered so far offered are shown below and more will be added – attractive to you.

Back next week.

Buy me and earn Sixer some beer money

Monsieur Salut

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