If only fantasy leagues were real, surely an all-Sunderland team would come top

Jake brightens up the site again

Not the sort of selection to be recommended if you actually want to win. But if you like the idea of fantasy leagues, here is a new one you can join …

Go to ProSportex.com and if you fancy a go, be sure to enter the word “salut” in the “access key” section. Then just pick your team and join the league.

This, from Milan Tailor, introduces the league:

… a brand new fantasy football league, ProSportex. In brief, the league works as any other fantasy football league, gaining points based on a player’s real-life performance.

The main difference and unique feature is the live transfer centre. This allows users to set their own prices they wish to buy and sell players for. All trading is done between users, creating a completely new challenge and more authentic experience.

Then there’s some stuff about inviting readers from “well respected blogs” and you can safely take all that with a pinch of salt. There is something in it for Salut! Sunderland but rest assured that even if you join in your thousands, Monsieur Salut will not become rich.

Monsieur Salut, by Matt

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