Sunderland Predictions: Sunderland, Stoke, Newcastle, Baggies, Everton, Liverpool! How will they fare?

Stephen Goldsmith writes: well, another close thing regarding the predictions and kick off time this week. Malcolm and Colin can probably confirm the template was all ready yesterday tea time and it was a self-made task for me to finish it during ‘holding the baby’ duties last night.

Suddenly, the bug that has the kids down then struck me and the Mrs meaning this is the first time I have exited the bedroom since. (Exited, not excited) Smacked up on paracetamol and kids’ ibuprofen (there was no regular ibuprofen left) I have managed to finish the task at hand. That’s commitment for you. Back to bed and no match for me. Might be a good thing.

Here’s the predictions:

Stoke City v Sunderland

John Mac: I have more respect for the skill of Crouch than many people seem to have and think we will have a job on our hands to keep Stoke out. Fletcher’s due a goal, as are other of our team, and I think someone else will score for us as well as him, especially if McLean is left out of the side, in which case Saha or Campbell might just be that person. Cattermole should give midfiled a boost: 1-2

Jake:Every week I think this is the week when we hit form and every week so far I’ve been wrong. So going with the law of averages I’ve GOTTA be right this week. It won’t be pretty but we’ll win two nout. 0-2.

Jeremy: Pulis’s Potters will be the latest to draw with SAFC. A desperately ill tempered and physical encounter which will see the spoils shared 1-1. Norman Stanley will get back on the goalscoring track at the Britannia.

The rest: Goldy:1-1. Malcolm 1-0. Sixer 0-1. Robert 1-2. Bill 1-2. Colin 1-2.

Newcastle v West Brom

Robert: Both teams will be disappointed in their results from last weekend but I think that West Brom have been a little more consistent than the mags to start this year which should be beneficial as they are on the road this week. I think the points will be shared in a 1-1 draw.

Bill: This has draw written all over it. Both teams are playing above themselves (I remain convinced that the Mags’ façade is cracking). The Baggies look the stronger of the two but Sid James Park will prove the great equaliser. 2-2.

Colin: West Brom are no mugs, as they showed against Liverpool and (until late) Man City) but Newcastle will find this routine. Pains me to say so, but I see only a comfortable home win. 3-1

The rest: Malcolm 2-0. Goldy 2-0. Sixer 2-1. John Mac 1-1. Jake 2-0. Jeremy 2-0.

Everton v Liverpool

Sixer:Everton 2 Liverpool 0. Suarez, 3 dives and Osman, 1 – although if Howard Webb is refereeing, the dodgy penalty doubt could go into the stratosphere. Moyes needs to win this one after last years awful performance at Anfield.

Goldy: Everton have the settled side out the two Merseyside clubs, that goes without saying. That said, I’ll go for the usual derby score of 1-1.

Malcolm: The Reds are a team in transition and Rodgers is limited by the fact that Suarez appears to be his only fit, experienced striker. The Toffees on the other hand seem full of confidence despite only managing a point at Loftus Road last weekend. I fully expect them to be too good for their Merseyside rivals and though derbies can be tense affairs their win will be more comfortable than a 2-1 scoreline suggests. 2-1.

The rest:Jake 2-0. Robert 1-2. Bill 3-1. John Mac 1-1. Colin 0-2. Jeremy 2-0.

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