Predictions: Sunderland win at Fulham & Newcastle lose to Swansea! Who doubted it?

Stephen Goldsmith writes: Well, fancy that! Sunderland win at Fulham and Newcastle lose at home to Swansea. That should be points for every single one of us, right?

Jake assesses the quality of our panel


Well, I did claim I might start backing against the actual results that I thought would happen – in a tactic to try and be more accurate. Well I would have had a couple of points this week if I did. But I didn’t. Jeremy also returned to old form and joined me in being pointless this week. Robert bagged himself a much needed point though, and Malcolm creeps an extra point ahead of Sixer.

I still find it amazing how the table remains consistent and structured every week, despite the potential points on offer in each.

 Correct Results Correct Scores Points
Malcolm Dawson 17 5 27
Sixer 14 5 24
John Mac 13 3 19
Jake 16 1 18
Colin Randall 13 2 17
Goldy 14 1 16
Bill Taylor 11 2 15
Jeremy Robson 13 1 15
Robert Simmons 9 2 13



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