Predictions: Sunderland, QPR, Newcastle, Stoke, West Brom, Swansea – how will they fare?

Salut panel member thinks long and hard about the weekend fixtures.
Salut panel member thinks long and hard about the weekend fixtures.


The prediction league table doesn’t look too healthy for some of us. It just goes to show the moment Malcolm slowed down with his version of the league tables, I lost my way a little – both with the table accuracy and my performance levels.

Sixer and I are particularly hard done by here – damn Malcolm and his need for accuracy! It’s probably just as well he’s top of the table due to the nature of this competition. The table proceeds this weeks predictions.



QPR v Sunderland

John Mac: 3-1 to us, Fletch has to score, Sess is coming in to form and McClean will have some influence in the second half. But we’ll do something in defence to give QPR a soft goal.

Colin : Memories of Bendtner’s header, Sess’s brilliant breakaway goal and Wes Brown – remember? – with his late headed winner. I was optimistic about that game because the MoN factor was fresh. It’s gone stale. Prove me wrong, Lads. 2-1

Bill: Queen’s Park aren’t going down quietly but traditionally they don’t do well against Sunderland and the Cats, even rather declawed as they’ve been of late, should be able to pick up all 3 points. Danny Rose coming back will be welcome. 1-2 to the Lads.

The Rest: Jeremy 2-0. Jake 0-1. Goldy 0-1. Malcolm 1-1. Robert 1-3 Sixer 1-3.

Newcastle v Stoke

Jake: From Russia with love? No, but hopefully fatigue, Stoke will hold the Mags to a goalless draw. 0-0.

Sixer: Pardew pleads for a performance from his boys as does Pulis. But there is enough French flair on Tyneside to overcome the cloggers from the Potteries. 3-0

Malcolm: Les ouiseaux pie after their trip to Russia will be up for this but spoiling Stoke, who are rapidly becoming a team I dislike with a manager whose comments are increasingly grating on me, will do their best to shut up shop. 0-0

The Rest: John Mac 1-1. Bill 2-2. Jeremy 1-1. Goldy 2-0. Colin 2-0. Robert 2-0.

West Brom v Swansea

Goldy: Well after beating the mags last week it seems the curse of winning the league cup may not strike swansea. Even so, I’m going for a draw here. 1-1.

Robert: Swansea are continuing to push for a better league position than they had last year, and WBA are still fighting for a Europa league place. The Swans have been in better form, but since they are away I’ll go for an exciting 2-2 draw.

Jeremy: Home win for the dour Scot’s lads. Couldn’t the word “dour” have been coined specifically to describe the face of Steve Clarke? Baggies 2 Swans 1

The Rest: John Mac 1-2. Bill 2-3. Jake 2-2. Malcolm 1-3. Colin 1-2 Sixer 1-1.


Correct Results Correct Scores Points
Malcolm 6 20 38
Jeremy 6 17 35
Colin 5 19 34
Jake 4 20 32
Bill 5 13 28
Robert 5 13 28
Sixer 5 13 28
Goldy 3 16 25
John Mac 3 14 23


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