Podcast! Stoke preview, lively debate, De Fanti and more…

Jake's delighted to see the return of Premier League action.
Jake’s delighted to see the return of Premier League action.

I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely delighted to see the back of the international break and the return of domestic football. This week we face Stoke, which has to be seen as a real opportunity to get ourselves back amongst it. Can Gus continue to implement his philosophy on our team of inconsistent stragglers? Helping us preview the weekend’s game was Stoke fan Mark Holmes from TeamTalk. With no game to review from last weekend, we get right on the front foot with the match preview. We also talk about whether we will be on the front foot on Saturday afternoon.

We were also joined in the studio by Gary Foster from The Shields Gazette and Michael Graham of our friends The Roker Report. They really spark up the debate when Adam Johnson comes to the forefront of the discussion. It was the podcast equivalent of Bally tackle in his halcyon days. I think myself and Goldy even did a bit if an off mic ‘Get in there!’.

We talk about Roberto De Fanti too and whether or not he’s just the next man in line we all want to blame.

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