Podcast! Small matter of A derby…

Jake has derby nerves, or does he?
Jake has derby nerves, or does he?

In all the recent excitement at Sunderland, our very own Stephen Goldsmith has got fat too big for his boots. As you’ll hear early on in this podcast, he thinks he has the authority to rearrange our fixtures at will. On top of that, he thinks he can rearrange fixtures that have already been played. Someone needs to have a word with him soon before his ego takes over life as we know it.

We’d been in a funny mood all week. The usually bout of stomach problems that come with a Tyne Wear derby had failed to complicate our relatively meaningless existence.  But the nerves are very, very, very slowly starting to creep in. Though from my perspective, I don’t think they will truly kick in until midday on Saturday.

We take this opportunity to discuss yet another win. This time against Stoke.  At the moment, it’s like we never lose. Let’s hope this continues over the weekend at least. Helping us dissect things in the studio was The Northern Echo’s Richard Mason. He’s made umpteen appearances now, a fully fledged WMS stalwart.

On the phone, Sunderland mad broadcaster Simon Crabtree offered up his sultry tones. Helping us preview the Newcastle game was Absolute Radio and Football Ramble talking man, Pete Donaldson. I felt it was a bit of a silly podcast this week, but it was still alright. I think.

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On the 27th of February, we’ll be hosting our second live podcast! It will take place at The Isis, Sunderland. All proceeds will be donated to The Foundation of Light. Guests confirmed for the panel are Chris Young from the Sunderland Echo, A Love Supreme’s Martyn McFadden and scorer of great headers, Gordon Armstrong. Tickets cost just £3 and are available here at the moment. Further details will be announced soon. It’s a great chance to come down and get involved with the podcast. Follow us on Twitter for updates @WiseMenSayPod.


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