Salut! Podcast: Episode 19

podcastWell, how was everybody’s Christmas then? Can’t say I care too much, it’s just one of those generic questions you ask around this time of year. Admit it, if somebody broke into a succession of anecdotes or sob stories following that question, you’d wish you never asked.

I’m only semi-serious, of course, I hope everything was fine for everybody here at Salut! Towers. I think we can all agree that it was very hit and missy from the lads over the festive period, with seemingly more misses than hits! Let’s be honest, a fantastic win at Goodison Park was added to the wins over Newcastle and Man City in that you just can’t help wonder if they’re to be nothing other than small tokens in an ultimately depressing season that’s looking like only ending one way.

Is it that set in stone? I’m very much behind our manager and feel it’s testament to his methods and ideologies that this side looks half decent at times and can knock the ball about at will. The fact he’s managed to get this pathetic group of players doing so is probably viewed as a miracle by some, in fact – A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE…no? ok.

Discussing where the hell we go from here is the brilliant Kristan Heneage from ESPN amongst many others. Craig Clark from over at Roker Report is always very local and opinionated, and it’s always a pleasure to have him on. I’m still coming to terms with how much younger Pete Sixsmith looks in real life, and also how nice he is. Everything else seems irrelevant.

Tons of stuff on the pod this week for any of you interested in tuning in, match reviews, potential transfer targets, and where the hell we go from here. Marc Ines from the Bolton News came on the line to talk about our new boy Marcos Alonso and there was no made up words this week. And of course Gareth Barker was there too. But you all knew that.

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