The day’s nearly here: let Sunderland shock Manchester City

Here’s a gallery of Jake’s Wembley related images, plus one of Paul “Sobs” Dobson with the FA Cup..

Tonight Monsieur Salut and Jake will meet for the first time, at an eve-of-final soiree thrown by the SAFCSA London and SE branch.

That he has a ticket – and has raided the piggy bank for his flight from Spain – must be just reward for all his efforts for Salut! Sunderland.

Ha’way the Lads … we hope you have enjoyed our attempts to keep you entertained and enthused by our Capital One Cup Final buildup.

Finally, here’s an extract from our cup final “Who are You?” which can be found in full at:

Jake demands answers
Jake demands answers

Salut! Sunderland: That’s it for the quadruple then? All but out of the CL, underdogs in the league cup, Premier title in doubt. Would the FA cup suffice?

Simon Curtis, Man City supporter and ESPN columnist:

Haha, that Wembley Here I Come confidence! The cheek of it. I’ll grant you the Champions League looks a goner, although I and 4,500 others will be there to make sure nothing stupid happens at the Nou Camp. As for the rest, I don’t see why City cannot compete in all three. One game and a 50:50 chance of winning the League Cup; a home draw v Wigan in the FA Cup to take us to a Wembley semi final and very handily placed in the league. Would the FA Cup suffice? Naturally. It’s not so long ago that putting this question to a City fan would have had you carted off to the nearest shrink, so of course it would.

Jake: ' any chance of tickets for March 2 and May 17?'
Jake: ‘ any chance of tickets for March 2 and May 17?’

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M Salut by Matt
M Salut by Matt
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