A Bumper England World Cup Bundle for a football know-all

This could be yours
This could be yours

Another competition, more goodies to win, as the World Cup approaches.

In fact, there is no need to be a know-all. These things are much more fun if we banish creativity, frown on encyclopaedic general knowledge and stick to simplicity. So the question will be cinch: all you need do is send me the answer and I will pick a correct answer at random.

What competition, I hear you asking. This one comes from the JD Sports England people, to be found at

And this is what they are offering. It’s a bit like what Charlie Buchan’s Football Monthly programme adverts used to call Bumper Bundles:

· The England World Cup shirt (your choice of home or away in your size)

· massive England flag

· English Biscuits

· Proper English Tea

· Some Strawberries and Cream sweets.

What more could you ask for, except maybe maximum points from Sunderland’s remaining fixtures and none for anyone else?

Here’s the question:

Why does Tofiq Bahramov have a footnote in World Cup history?

Told you it would be easy. Just send your reply to salutsunderland@gmail.com. We’ll do the rest.

Monsieur Salut shall have the final say on whether the form of words chosen for each reply constitutes a valid, correct answer. The winner will be chosen at random from all correct answers received. The deadline is midnight GMT on April 30.

Monsieur Salut by Matt
Monsieur Salut by Matt

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