Podcast! That was all right. In the end.

See you next season!
See you next season!

So that’s that. The end of a stupid season came to a disappointing close on Sunday, but I can’t say I was too devastated. I was worried about losing before because it meant something. Against Swansea I think there was a collective adrenaline hang over from the past four weeks or so. Not only on the pitch, but on the terraces too. Now we can settle into the summer, watch the World Cup and then worry about whether we’ll mess it all up again in the transfer market. It’s never boring!

This is the last studio podcast of the season. It’s flown over. We’ve had unbearable lows and incredible highs. Cup finals, Great Escapes, Phil Bardsley moments (never thought we’d be saying that last August), it’s just been crazy. We attempt to cram as much as we can into this end of term report. We chat a bit of Swansea, a bit of Jack Colback, a bit of Connor Wickham. There’s the question of the week, and courtesy of BBC Radio Newcastle, we try and piece together a narrative of the season with some commentary highlights and interviews. There is a mistake in there, but hey. We knocked it up in half an hour in the studio and there was a lot of footage to wade through. So massive thanks to the folks over at the Pink Palace, namely Messrs Pryde and Barnes.

Helping us round of the season in ‘style’ was our very own Pete Sixsmith. He was in alongside Chris Weatherspoon and Craig Clark from The Roker Report.

We’ll be back next year. We might even have one more pod to come, actually. Maybe the odd pre season one, too. So you can stream using Soundcloud below or find us on iTunes and subscribe. Cheers!

Gareth Barker

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