Wembley and Safe: the story of our season for mugs – and the World Cup poll



Some of the readers who have signed up as Friends of Salut! Sunderland have mentioned that they like the special Wembley and Bust Safe mug they received in return. You see the mug’s design here, capturing the flavour of the site on one side and the flavour of last season on the other.

It costs £20 to be a friend. As things stand, it seems possible to have the mugs delivered only to UK addresses so if you happen to be an exile, the best solution would be to nominate a UK address to which yours could be sent.

I am checking this point with the suppliers and will update this posting if we can resume overseas deliveries, albeit at a slightly higher cost.

This is where you go to register. Do not worry if you have no Paypal account, It allows you to use your credit/debit card.

If you just fancy the mug and cannot be bothered with becoming a Friend, the lowest price we can offer, because of postage charges, is £11. The payment button is as follows – just press Buy Now – and, once again, can be used only for delivery to UK addresses.

And finally, if you wish to cast a late vote in the World Cup popularity stakes, thereby influencing Salut! Sunderland’s choice between the semifinalists, that is free. Here is the poll (taking account of votes cast in earlier rounds, the Netherlands are clear favourites) …

Brazil 2014 Semis: who should we support?
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Matt's cartoon as adapted by Jake
Matt’s cartoon as adapted by Jake
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