Salut! Sunderland tests the CrowdScores Premier League results service

Jake gets the message across
Jake gets the message across

UPDATE: The tests outlined below have led to a problem that should not greatly affect readers’ enjoyment of the site but is a pain for all those who had click-through banners, links, adverts etc in the column you see to the right. The new code supplied by CrowdScores for Premier score updates has wiped them all out. Rest assured I am trying to resolve this with them

Alert readers
will know we had, and then dropped, the excellent feature provided by CrowdScores that gives Premier League scoreas as they update.

It was removed because the code had the effect of either paralysing navigation of the site, making it impossible to open articles, leave comments or follow links, or distorting the appearance of other items on the page.

CrowdScores have carried out some tests to see if the fault can be detected and resolved. Watch this space.

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