Must we rely on Mignolet howlers or a Hendo stinker at Liverpool?

All images by Jake, including this one poking fun at Catts-detractors
All images by Jake, including this one poking fun at Catts-detractors

In truth, being a softy when it comes to players I like who have moved on, I’d be happiest of all to see Simon Mignolet play a blinder and Jordan Henderson score to cap a fine all-round performance for Liverpool. But Mignolet’s saves would just keep the score down and Hendo’s late screamer would be a consolation. Three-one to the Lads, a win built on our own abilities and an exceptional team display.

But Wednesday has left a lot of us feeling a little flat, even if Liverpool are not quite Man City.

I was battling with severe pessimism when I wrote this in my preview for ESPN:

.. Sunderland supporters will perhaps pin their hopes on their former goalkeeping hero, Simon Mignolet, continuing his poor recent form, either with a fumble or two or an example of the occasionally wretched distribution that was already a weakness of his game when at the Stadium of Light.

Jordan Henderson, another big-money signing from Sunderland, has been in mixed form after his highly impressive contributions last season but his performance level has picked up of late. Opinion on Merseyside still seems divided but Henderson has rather more admirers among Liverpool fans than the Belgian keeper…

Tell me there or here, or both, whether I am right or hopelessly wrong and why. Of course, that was not all I said. I urged Gus Poyet and his to go to Anfield with belief and I called for a mighty Lee Cattermole performance to be “at his attack-blocking best”.

Let us see. Go to the home page – -to catch all our build-up to the big game. And once more, Ha’way the Lads …

M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake

But Liverpool, except at Spurs, have not matched Man City this season

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